Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tony Hernandez Speech at 2012 Minnesota Republican Convention

Tony Hernandez spoke for 5 minutes at the 2012 Minnesota Republican State Convention.  He addressed immigration and economic issues in his contest with Betty McCollum for the Fourth Congressional District (MNCD4) in Minnesota.

Tony says that he and his bride Leona believe that marriage is a mission, and can think of no better way to start their family together than to fight to restore constitutional principles to America, to fight for limited government, reduce spending, cap the National Debt (he knows they already owe approximately $277,000  between them now for National Debt), a right to life, culture of family.  That's what they are going to fight for in Washington DC.

Tony addressed immigration and the economy.  Many people have called him Latino-American, Hispanic-American, or a Mexican-American.  He rejects this, he is an American! Period!  He is a patriot.
"But we must remember nobody in the history of this world  has done more to build the American Dream than the immigrants who built this country.  Those who held onto that dream and passed it to their children.  We are all proof, right here in this room, of the American Dream.  We are all immigrants who are here because of that dream and the United States of America.  President Obama has set many records in the past four years.  He has amassed the largest debt the history of world has ever seen.  There are more people on food stamps than ever before.  And he has deported more immigrants than any other US President in history. This tragic trifecta is an avalanche of errors that threatens to destroy the American Dream, the fabric of our country.  The net immigration from Mexico has reached zero. This means that for every person coming into this country another person was leaving. Its not because our boarders are stronger!  Its because this administration, along with Betty McCollum, their solution to immigration has been to make the economic environment so caustic that it doesn't even support life any more, and we need to change that. This is not about citizenship, this is not about amnesty, this is about creating an easier path to legal immigration.  To build a base of consumers, home owners, contributors, entrepreneurs, to be as it always has been, that the foundation of America's greatness and prosperity has been in the hard work and blood, sweat and tears of the immigrant.  This nation must return to what it once was capturing the imagination of our worlds youth, the worlds greatest visionaries risk takers and entrepreneurs.  We must restore the American values by unraveling Obama's, McCollums, and Klobuchars's government failure.  And legal immigration must be a part of that.  The American Dream is on the shoulder of all of us, the immigrants, we must all rise from the ashes of this administration.  To once again amaze the world and capture its imagination.  Not with how far we have fallen, but where we will go."

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