Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pat Anderson speaking at the 2012 Minnesota Republican State Convention

The reports from National Committee Representatives, Pat Anderson and Jeff Johnson, address the state of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Pat Anderson described the turn-around that has occurred since last year, and the GOP's ability to campaign against the vast Obama machine this November.
"I want to give a very brief RNC update, along with Jeff, last month you might have seen we raised over $40 million dollars at the RNC.  Incredible numbers. And the RNC has been record, having record breaking fund raising.  Its been dramatic, dramatic turn around in the last year and a half.  As you know we came out of the 2010 election cycle under the previous leadership at the RNC with huge, I think $20 million dollars, $24 million in the hole at the RNC. And in a year and a half we have not only made that up but we have significant cash on hand, and we are absolutely ready to take on Barack Obama!  We also plan to out do, out do the Democrats this year in terms of social media.  And you can see, you can go online, you can sign up for all the twitter feeds, everything is going to be integrated.  And I think Republicans in 2012 are going to be the party of social media and the web.  We are going to out do the Democrats.  You know, our campaign officially kicks off with Tampa at the end of August. But we are already on the ground and moving, and it looks like we have a presidential nominee folks, and we're going to rally behind that person.  We're going to start going after Obama heavily, because we have got to take back, we have got to take back this country.  And we're going to do it now, and we're going to win in November.  So Jeff and I are here as representatives.  I've been elected to serve on the platform committee for the RNC.  So we will have a loud voice here folks from Minnesota.  A loud voice in our National Platform.  I think that is very, very important for the grass roots of this party.  So I'm pleased that we're going to do that.  And I'm going to turn it over to Jeff.  Thank you very much."

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