Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chris Fields speaking at 2012 Minnesota Republican Convention

Chris Fields is running in Congressional District 5 against Keith Ellison.  He spoke for 5 minutes at the 2012 Minnesota Republican Convention.  Here is his speech in video and text.  He is a dynamic Marine and makes great sense.

Ladies and gentlemen, Minneapolis and the 5th Congressional District is home to wonderful people and wonderful Fortune 500 companies.  We are also the home of the largest achievement gap in education between black and white students in the entire country.  We are also home to the largest unemployment gap between blacks and whites in the entire country.  And here's why I need you to care, because failed policies, bad leadership,  are making our district and in fact our state a National embarrassment.  I am the endorsed republican challenger to Keith Maurice Ellison, and I will take the fifth back.  My name is Chris Fields, I'm a 21 year combat veteran of the United States Marine Corp.  Look, I'll be the first to tell folks, I was not born and raised in Minnesota.  I was born and raised in the south Bronx.  Born to a fifteen year old welfare Mother, who had three kids before she was twenty.  And for that reason, I am very unapologetic about being pro-life. I know first hand what failed policies do to the most vulnerable amongst us.  I have personally felt the sting and shame of walking in and out of welfare offices and using foods stamps.  Those experiences left me with a deep desire to work, earn, and achieve, and I have achieved. But because I have achieved, that's why I am standing before you.  But that's not my purpose.  My purpose is so that I can help everyone achieve.  They tell me that winning back the 5th is going to be tough.  But I stand here fully prepared because I know what it takes to win tough battles.  Growing up dirt poor in New York City, that's tough.  Fighting in Iraq, that's tough.  We can win in the fifth.  And in order to win I need every single delegate and alternate, and republican, and independent, and conservative democrat in this state to get involved so we can take it back.  I'll give you a couple of ways you can get involved, friend us, like our Facebook page.  That's not tough.  Follow us on Twitter. That's not tough.  Send a letter to the editor. That's not tough.  Buy a T-Shirt, we take credit cards, its really not that tough.  Send in 10 bucks, tell your friends about this race.  This one will be one for ages. Because while Keith has run around, talking with all of his special interest buddies about how the earth has a fever, and we can't drill for oil because of that.  And while he's doing all those things, I will be focussed on the fifth congressional district, and Minneapolis, and I'm going to build together a coalition that is ready to bring in a new era of leadership.  And he will try those old stale techniques of trying to divide people and tell them that 2012 is about choosing between left and right.  I will unite the people and remind them this is about choosing what's right.  And let me tell you, what's right is a full and complete audit of the Fed.  What's right is ending the war in Afghanistan. What's right is standing up for America.  What's right is standing up for single Mom's and single Dad's.  What's right is standing up for students and standing up for the middle class, and standing up for our seniors and our veterans.  What's right is when the entire GOP decides to fight in Minneapolis and the Fifth Congressional district so we can give ourselves a chance to win state wide races.  That's whats right.  And whats right is fighting in Minneapolis so we can keep Keith Ellison's million dollar fund raising machine out of your district.  And finally, when the doubters and nay-sayers come, they look at me and they say Hey Chris Fields, who do you think you are Allen West?  My answer would be this, No, because frankly I'm better looking.  And when they come up to me and they say do you really think you can win in the fifth?  Do you really think you can beat Keith Ellison, your not even from here.  Well I will stare at them with the steely eyed look of a Marine and give them two words … "You Betcha"!  Thank you and God Bless You, God Bless the United States of America."

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