Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gov Mark Dayton's Theater of the Absurd

Gov. Mark Dayton is now describing his ongoing budget disagreement with Republican legislative leaders as "theater of the absurd."

In this case it appears he's right, the disagreement is absurd. But its because his imbalanced "budget" statements fail to meet the mark, $39 billion (which he evidently never really meant, it was a trial balloon that popped), $37, $35.8, all deficits, 10 to 20%. His "budgets" have never been detailed on what he plans to do. Unlike the Legislatures which was actually detailed in the balanced appropriation bills, summarily vetoed by Gov Mark Dayton. And his dealing with the issue and the legislature appears to be all theater. Complete with road trips that avoid the hard work of negotiating, and possibly scripted shutdowns.

We do know that he plans on trying to lift his spending rich plans into balance with the hot air balloon of "tax the top 2%". An inadequate plan that like all such ill formed tax plans will burst when the reality hits, that you don't get what you project you will. Also referred to in a Pioneer Press article as a "bandaid" to an imbalance that "it would seem, defy solution via taxation." This recurring "deficit" (difference between what expanding government wants to spend, and what it has available) problem can only be resolved by breaking our spending habit. Continuing to grow government simply gets you more government. Which is fine if you like carrying around heavy burdens that continue to get heavier. But I would guess most people wouldn't.

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