Sunday, July 24, 2011

A discussion with a liberal at Slice of Shoreview

A discussion with a liberal at Slice of Shoreview

I was helping out at the Shoreview Republican booth when a fellow walked up asking if a legislator was there.  Since there wasn't I asked what he wanted to talk to them about.  The following is the discussion that ensued.

Liberal Guest: Is the legislator here?
Booth Worker: No they have gone to get some ice cream.  Is there something we can help you with.  LG: I just wanted to express my extreme disappointment with the legislature in this budget business.
BW: In what way did they disappoint you?
LG: This whole thing, it was just mismanaged.  This whole thing should have been done months ago.
BW: But it was done ...
LG: I don't care.
BW: ...on time and ...
LG: It's their fault.  They, uh and the governor, uh it's their fault.
BW: ... balanced. The Governor just vetoed it.
LG: It's their fault.
BW:  Are you aware that Mark Dayton said...
LG: I don't care about that.
BW: ... in an MPR interview that he "and his aides didn't realize at the time that the Republicans' final offer [6/30] – which Dayton accepted Thursday [7/14] – had dropped their demand to include policy changes in budget bills while supporting his call for a $500 million bonding bill."...
LG: It doesn't matter, they should have negotiated earlier.
BW: ....  Dayton went on to say "We were in constant communication, I don't know whether there was miscommunication or subsequent revision. I don't know. What's done is done." So the shutdown was unnecessary.
LG: If I see the legislator I still want to express my disappointment in the legislature!
MW: And to Gov Dayton?
LG: Uh yeah, If I see him.

They have no problem with the democratic legislature never finishing a balanced 2009-2010 budget, but they expect this time it should have been done "months ago". The legislature started the session on Jan 4, perhaps that was the date our liberal guest had in mind for completion. Sometimes you just have to look past the hyperbole and realize you tried your best. 

Mark Dayton statement source:
the original audio is available, as a link, from the MPR page (around 4 minutes into the recording)

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