Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pioneer Press Serves up a Traditional "October" Surprise in SD66

Every once in a while I am reminded of why I canceled my subscription to the Pioneer Press.  They may not be in the same league as the Strib, but they too often let their lefty snipers free to distort at least close to the point of what many might consider libel.

A case in point was the article/hit piece by Dave Orrick. 

He takes a fact and then distorts its meaning to unrecognizable status. 

For more details about this read Mitch Berg's blog.

Greg Copeland was forced out of Payne- Phalen District 5 Planning Council, as Orrick related.  But it was because he was a "whistle-blower" and they evidently retaliated.  He was later given an apology and an award for his distinguished community service, and he was re-elected to the board. Mr Orrick should have known this of course, there were articles by the Pioneer Press about firings 6 months later for the "very serious mis-behavior I [Mr. Copeland]brought to the board’s attention as Board President".

Greg was let go from his job as City Manager in Maplewood.  It is an appointed position by the council, which had just changed from an election.  The city auditors report 9 months later credited Greg Copeland for managing the city very well, reducing debt and producing surpluses.

The Pioneer Press had earlier had a comments section on Orrick's hit piece.  They had courageously taken it down at some point.  The end result was, there was no way for corrections to be posted by citizens. And there was certainly no correction coming from Orrick!

Shame on the Pioneer Press, and thanks for reminding me of why I had left you a few years ago, when you had done the same thing to another conservative candidate!  The Democrat's feel they "own" Saint Paul, and this is one of the reasons.

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