Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why is it Always Racism?

There once was a very liberal family who had two conservative friends, husband and wife.  The husband would attempt to strike up a discussions on politics and current events, contrasting liberal and conservative views.  Which made him rather unpopular, so he thereafter strove to never rock the boat (i.e. discuss politics), regardless of what was said to him.

At a Father's Day backyard party the matriarch of the very liberal family was giving all the male members of the family a Father's day gift.  It was a combination meat fork and digital thermometer.  The one son, who was the most conservative of the family made a remark as he studied the fork,

More Conservative Son: "It evidently won't let you cook pork rare!"

Very Conservative Friend of the family, who striving not to upset, goes over to More Conservative Son  and whispers a joke quietly in his ear.  More Conservative Son often posts Facebook links to news articles, and is expected to catch on to the "nanny state" reference:

Very Conservative Friend: "It must be a NY Mayor Bloomberg approved product."

More Conservative Son: Laughs politely.

A storm (slight double entente) begins, driving everyone to grab things and rush into the house.  The Very Conservative Friend heads to the bathroom as the More Conservative Son catches up to him and declares:

More Conservative Son, smiling and laughing: "I just got the joke! The joke about Bloomberg. Funny."

The More Conservative Son must have then told the joke to the rest of the family. When the Very Conservative Friend returns to the group he overhears the Extremely Liberal Patriarch:

Extremely Liberal Patriarch: "I don't think that was a racist comment", (turning to Very Conservative Friend  "Was it racist?  Was it about pork, is Bloomberg Jewish. Its a Jewish name isn't it?

Very Conservative Friend, in stunned disbelief: "No it was not."  Unable to stammer more in the face of the standard, but still wildly unexpected, fare of viewing everything a conservative says as racist.

Very Liberal Matriach: "Was it about the sale of large pops?"

Hopefully the entire family finally "got" the joke. The Very Conservative Friend will never know, since he can't press to find out.  But once again makes a mental note to NEVER again broach the realm of a political joke amongst liberal friends.

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