Friday, June 8, 2012

VoterID at DFL Convention Discussed on Tim Kinley's Speechless Show 6/7/2012

On Tim Kinley's Speechless Show, he played the video where at the 2012 Democrat DFL State Convention the discussed vote fraud possibilities of a proposed amendment to their party constitution, and voted essentially for the "Voter ID" concept in their caucus presidential balloting.

A woman called in and spoke about her House District endorsing convention where she alleges the following:
Woman: The local DFL  convention that was held at North High I myself was participating there.  And when we were voting for endorsement for the new open seat for state representative in 43 Phil Trippler as a matter of fact ,  Chuck Wiger, and John Nephew were looking at everybody's ballots.  Ok.
Tim: Why would they look at the ballots? What, Why were they  ..
Woman: When we were voting you had to vote to vote for your candidate of of choice and on the back sign your name.  If you did not sign your name it did not count.  So right there the DFL was demanding voter id at their conventions, see.
Tim: You had to sign your name to the back of the ballot?
Woman: Yes you had to sign your name or it would not be counted. And Phil Trippler, I folded mine up so tiny you know and he sat there behind me and opened my ballot to see who I was voting for.  And then I was harassed and bullied to change my vote.  Now that's wrong.
Tim: Wow yes it is!
Woman: And the all know they did it. 

If this alleged action occurred, that would be a tremendous incursion into open voting.  It would go far beyond the Voter ID amendment to changing the secret ballot into an identified ballot, much like what card check for union voting would do.

We need voint integrity, we need Voter ID, and at its heart the DFL knows it!

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