Sunday, April 22, 2012

Voter ID Myths De-Mystified by Lucky

Lucky Rosenbloom, Member of the State Council of Black Minnesotans, takes voting rights and voting very seriously.  He eloquently states his case for passing the Voter ID Amendment.  His words are filled with passion and a wonderful ability to sprinkle humor with his message.  His presentations are very moving and interesting.  Demonstrating the falsity of the opposition arguments that often fall back on blaming an "incapable citizenry" as the reason to oppose this movement supported by 80%  of the people.

I have been to League of Women Voters Myths presentations, where untruths and myths about this issue are spoken with little evidence or chance for rebuttal.  And the cloistered attitude of never letting a video be taken and shown are strong (see this video from another LWV session). 

At a Congressional Convention this weekend, 4/21/2012, I first met "Mr. Lucky" and had the experience of seeing his dynamic personality and message.  I met him after his presentation to tell him how much I enjoyed it, and to ask his permission to present it to you.  I hope you enjoy this brief, but entertaining rebuttal to the misrepresentations we get on this issue.  He discusses the "Myths" about Voter ID that are being perpetuated by the LWV and other opponent organizations.

If you enjoyed his presentation and information, then there are other videos available where you can see more of him:

1) His testimony where he brings his message of the empowerment of Voter ID in testifying before the legislature.  "People will no longer be turned away because they do not have a utility bill".  A problem he experienced himself

2) Lucky's debate on the February 24, 2012 Twin Cities Public Television's Almanac show opposite Dan McGrath of "Take Action Minnesota" where he dismantles the opposition arguments.

The claim of the progressive Take Action Dan McGrath (not to be confused), that the issue does not exist, further run counter to the real evidence shown by Dan McGrath of Minnesota Majority, in my earlier article.

See more from Lucky Rosenbloom at:

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