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Dayton Daycare Diorama Part 2

Childcare Freedom Rally
When:     Saturday, December 3, Noon – 1:00PM
Where:     Minnesota State Capitol Routunda
Some highlight from the video of the Saint Paul Capital Rotunda Rally 12/03/2011
Daycare Providers
Holly Sable
This is not an anti-union rally, this is a child care freedom rally!
Do we need a Union to change our rates? No
Do we need a union to have a voice at the table? No
Do we need a Union to tells us which kids we can a cannot take? No
We are independent self employed small business owners.
While Union membership may be voluntary, union representation most certainly is not.  Any changes that the union makes with the department of Health and Human Services will affect all providers.
Only a majority of the ballots cast will count int he vote So not voting is essentially a vote for Unionization.  We need every provider that can vote to vote.
If you are eligible to vote you should be receiving a ballot around Dec 7, and they will be due Dec 21.  We are asking providers to send it in by Dec 16th, and send it via the post office via registered mail, so it doesn’t get “lost” in the mail, and so its there on time.

Becky Swanson
I am here today because I am living my American dream!  I am a small business owner, and I run a childcare.
We have no idea what is in that contract!

Rep. Keith Downy
You folks are the absolute core of private enterprise in this state and in this Country.
In Michigan under this very same apparatus,  $3.7 million dollars every year gets routed from Childcare subsidies away from parents, away from providers directly to the Unions.
Here is my commitment to you, that I will personally challenge Governor Dayton to hold a special session this fall so that all these unanswered questions about whether he has the authority or the bureau of mediation services has the authority to even conduct this election....If he’s willing to call for a special session to ask you folks to pay for a new stadium for another of his one percenter friends, he should be willing to have a special session to deal with your issues.  And if he refuses that,  I will publicly ask his to hold an American election,an American vote, not a North Korean vote on unionization!

Rep Mary Franson, also a former Child Care provider (at 22:48 in the video)
Providers are being silenced, their [union organizers] freedom of speech is what they think freedom of speech is - censorship!  And I don’t think the Unions are practising very much kindness out there.
One union person at the Senate hearing had the audacity to say we were having hearings on this issue because we were discriminating against women.  Let me tell you, this is nothing about discrimination.  As women, we do not need a Union telling us how to run our business because we are smart enough, we are empowered enough and we can do this without “one voice”.

They [the Unions] have been going door to door and if you are a no vote they are harassing and they are showing up at your door a couple of times a week wanting you to vote yes. One person told me that the Union said, well if you vote no and if the union vote fails you will no longer be eligible to take CCAP children any more.

If you are eligible to vote, because its “a democratic election you know”, some of you are eligible. Make sure you mark that box NO and mail it in.  Because like you heard before if you do not vote and you do not mail anything in, it is a yes vote.

[excluding a list of several other legislators who are or who have spouses who are day care providers] There are people down here who know your business inside and out.  So don’t let the Union tell you there is nobody down here working for you.  Because, indeed we are!

Rep Kurt Bills
Kim Crockett
Rep Kelby Woodard

Mary Franson’s speech was a very compelling personal testimony of her 4 years as a child care provider, and how in 2005 she experienced the first wave of attempted Unionization.  One I would strongly suggest listening to  She describes how AFSCME Council 5 organizers came at a time of the day when she and her neighbor who was also a provider were very busy, surrounded by children, and stayed until they signed the cards.  Day care providers by law cannot let any child out of their sight.  So you really cannot divide your attention to spend reading the literature and the cards when they come. 
[Sorry the rotunda has very low light, so the video quality is poor]

Freedom Foundation of Minnesota
11/22/11 Childcare providers who oppose unionization expressed concern over the fairness of the process and the potential for undue union influence in carrying out the election.

While the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services (BMS) will oversee the election, Dayton’s executive order allows the state to in effect outsource the job to an outside group paid for by the unions. The Minneapolis regional office of a company that has conducted several childcare union elections in other states will administer the election.

Look True North has a short video of some Childcare providers putting forth their case against unionizing their small businesses.

A hearing was held at the Minnesota Senate
In this video the providers arguing against the forced unionization of their private business describe the many devious actions that agents of the “Kids First” Unions took in trying to get them to sign the union cards.  They have been trying to protect their business from continuing Unionization efforts since 2005.

The Unions talked about how “legal standing” differentiates them from the existing Childcare Associations that currently represent the providers.  But who is the “employer” that is part of the collective bargaining that this legal standing affects?  The Union rep dissembles and uses rigid repetition of the same phrases, never answering the questions, just repeating “providers have the right to form a Union”.  Apparently, even if they don’t want one, or know any of the particulars of the implementation.

On September 20th, 2011, two Senate committees held a joint hearing on Union efforts to compel independent in-home childcare providers to unionize. Union organizers couldn't answer basic questions about their objectives and childcare providers described deceptive and intimidating tactics employed by some union organizers. The hearing shed a lot of light on the situation. Here are some of the more revealing moments.

The question of whether Gov Mark Dayton has the authority to actually force this vote is the subject of a lawsuit announced last week.  A hearing for a temporary restraining order in the case is scheduled for Monday morning in Ramsey County District Court.

It was also reported that
The Senate Committee on Rules and Administration voted today to file a "friend of the court" brief in support of a lawsuit seeking to stop an upcoming unionization election for in-home child-care providers.
So the battle to keep private enterprise private is now in the hands of the court and possibly the 4230 of 11,000 daycare providers that may ultimately vote on the issue.

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