Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oakdale City Council sets final chapter for Oakdale Mall

For those of us who have lived in Oakdale for many years, we remember when Oakdale Center Mall opened to great expectations. It began life as a Outlet Mall, filled with many stores, offering great discounts. It had small vendors in the halls offering refreshments and a place to sit while you shopped. We may have been members at the Health Club, or worked at the Imation facility that rented space. We may have gone to the Oakdale Library that briefly resided in the Mall. Or we may have attended Globe College that opened there. Or visited the long standing tenant CSO to buy clothes, and eaten at the China House. However it could not quite compete with the other malls in the area, and slowly lost store fronts and changed.

Sadly for many the only memory is that of the dilapidated, rundown, building with grass growing from the many cracks in the parking lot black top. Or the sight of ancient cars with for sale signs on the dash parked waiting for a new owner. An eye sore that we strived to blot out.

At the City Council meeting tonight the final chapter for the Oakdale Center Mall has been enjoined. A tour for 15 contractors bidding on the demolition contract has been held. Demolition is planned to begin on June 20th. The Oakdale Patch has details about the plans for the site. The City plans on a ceremonial event to be held at 5pm on June 15th.

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