Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who's Playing Games with a Government Shutdown?

The threatened shutdown is a great stage for liberal political theater. They blame the Republicans for not compromising. However what compromise have the liberal done? They have passed no plan in the Senate, they quibble about even the smallest of "reduction in increase" and call it a massive cutback. This is not compromise it is a fraud.

How often must we pass these short term budget extensions without really grappling with the decisions that need to be made. [WSJ article]. This is not compromise! It allows the Democrats to never compromise and continue the failed "budget", which they didn't even put together last year, to continue the massive, think tsunami like, increase in spending that has been in place for two years. They argue against a simple $6 billion, or 3%, decrease in the continuing "compromise" bills, while we continue to add $3.1 billion in debt per business day see Treasury Data.

Speaker Boehner calls for the Senate to get to work and pass a bill video. He got even more adamant today about it when he tells senate democrats who say they have a plan "well great, pass the damn thing and send it over here so we can start real negotiations".
While Harry Reid, who was fully complicit in the total failure to pass a budget last year, simply continues the name calling and blame game video. His idea of compromise, for the conservatives to abandon their principles completely and to come along with the progressives march of continued increased spending. Chuck Shumer said in an open mic error video that he always uses the word extreme to refer to the tea party, he's playing the usual liberal name calling games with the process, as Eric Cantor responded in the video. This is really what stands in the way, Democratic intransigence and obfuscation through name calling. The Democrats plan on continuing to play games with our economic well being in hopes of political gain from a shutdown, not on fixing a badly broken and non-existent (because the Democratic House, Senate, and President couldn't or wouldn't get it done) budget.

Jeff Sessions does a great video summary of the entire situation.

One republican congressman really gets it and wants you to help to do something about! He has formed a petition to tell Obama and Harry Reid its time to really come to the table and do what they are telling the Republicans to do. Compromise!
Countdown to the Obama-Reid Shutdown

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